Fabric Technology

 is a fabric component which absorbs sweat and enables the material to dry remarkably quickly. it makes playing cooler and more comfortable for the lifetime of the garment

  is another technology you'll find in North Gear Cricket Performance wear. BREATHABLE fabrics are designed to ensure maximum air circulation between your body and the garment. North Gear fabrics using this technology therefore have a high level of air intake to cool your body, keeping you comfortable and helping you concentrate whilst playing

  technology is used in all North Gear cricket shirts. This two-way stretch capability allows the fabric to move with the motion of your body and therefore offers you a higher level of mobility whilst playing. This long lasting technology keeps the garmet comfortable and in shape for years

  All North Gear playing trousers use Extra - Stretch technology which offers a high level of stretch (10%). It is designed to match the elasticity of your own skin as closely as possible, making your batting and bowling more efficient

 North Gear's new RIBTECH technology is used on all our training wear range, including tops and trousers. It's square , soft surface is water resistant yet highly breathable and designed to keep you cool and comfortable while training. Most of our training tops also feature a hole stamped fabric which gives increased ventilation and helps prevent your body from overheating while warming-up.

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